Bachelor of Science in Entertainment and Multimedia Computing

Bachelor of Entertainment and Multimedia Computing (BSEMC)

with Specialization in Game Development



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Launch your creative career

Do you have a passion for playing games? Find satisfaction in saving your progress after you’ve leveled up? At CIIT, we’ve got just the course for you. Turn your passion into a profession and learn how to create the games you love to play. With the dawn of mobile technology, gaming has become accessible to everyone all around the world. This opens a multitude of possibilities for creators who can construct all sorts of games from a simple and casual pastime to an elaborate universe that presents a wide range of challenges. With solid planning and well-developed digital skills, you too can also develop your own, governed by the rules you’ve laid out.

Cultivate your competencies with our Entertainment and Multimedia Computing Program. Build on your skills by learning the basics of conceptualizing and designing a system as well as creating the graphics and planning the sequence that brings your story to life. Develop games that suit different platforms whether it be for a handheld device or a console set-up. You’ll also be able to strengthen your strategy when you undergo your internship. We can even connect you with one of our company partners, enabling you to get the real-world experience needed to master the industry as a professional. At CIIT, we teach you how to play to win.

1st year

Freehand and Digital Drawing
Scriptwriting and Storyboarding Design
Game Programming
Game Design and Development

2nd year

User Interaction Design
Web Design and Scripting
Audio Design and Sound Engineering
Applications Development and Emerging Technologies

3rd year

Applied Mathematics for Games
3D Animation
Game Production
Game Theory
Artificial Intelligence in Games
Game Networking

4th year

Advanced Game Design
Design and Production Process

What To Look Forward To

Acknowledging the constantly evolving nature of technology, our Computer Science program applies quarterly revisions to its curriculum. Instructors are well-informed of the latest updates in programming languages. Class content and instruction is also adapted to the needs of the partner industry. Since the shift to online learning, our BSCS faculty has been given an averaged 93% approval rating from our students for the last 3 terms. We continue to ensure that our instructors are well-equipped to handle your classes.
Orange and Bronze Software Labs (O&B) is considered as one of the best software development companies in the Philippines and is one of the top choices for employment by graduates from the country’s most prestigious universities . CIIT’s partnership with O&B provides our students with an invaluable opportunity to undergo professional training as early as college. O&B developers will directly handle subjects Software Engineering 1 and 2 which you will take in their second and third year respectively. Instruction is done through a series of intensives, similar to training boot camps conducted by professionals and corporations. This will precede the OJT requirement from other partner companies that will be fulfilled in your fourth year, ensuring an adequate exposure to the workplace.
An emphasis is placed on JAVA programming which is the main programming language used for dynamic website development and mobile app development.
Our Computer Science program is structured for streamlined learning. It aims to equip you with the necessary tools to finish the program as a well-rounded and employable graduate. In each year level, you will focus on a specific facet essential to your degree which will be taught through both theory and practical application.
Web Design and Scripting
Data Analytics and UI/UX (Logical and Analysis); Database Management (SQL)
Web and Mobile App Dev through Software Engineering
Application of knowledge through thesis and OJT
As a CIIT student, you’ll be given access to the latest technological tools which will aid you in maximizing your ability to create the best quality work. A wide selection of genuine software licenses will be provided for your individual use. Licenses for creative softwares like Adobe CC are inclusive in your school fees and are available to you as long as you are a student of CIIT. All software applications offered are industry-standard; We encourage you to explore them independently and become a creator of your own innovative content. Aside from Adobe, students have access to softwares such as Toon Boom, 3DS Max, Flash, Python Java and Unity.
CIIT uses Canvas as a virtual classroom to ensure that all our students can access all their lessons at any time. To learn more about how CIIT has adapted their classes for online learning, please visit CIIT’s Modern Virtual Education (MOVE) page.

What Scholarships You Can Access


  • 50-100% fee remission
  • Offered to incoming freshmen students with excellent SHS grades


  • 20% fee remission
  • Offered to the top 50 successful applicants of the CIIT College Admissions Test

Ready to get started?

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