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In this time of technological progress, the need for industries to be relevant and competitive is an indispensable matter. For industries to propel growth amid the fierce competition, staying above and beyond the strong current of advancement is the key. This big shift to digitization means that the plethora of data can be transformed into useful information that can lead to the productivity of any industry. Data has already changed the course of the century. What more if we will master the science behind it? Surely, it can change the face of the future.

What Can You Learn from the Bootcamp? ​

Data Storytelling
Do you always find data reports boring? Not to mention, overwhelming? There is not an inch of doubt that data is immensely powerful in changing the course of business growth. However, there is a need to make it compelling enough to actually evolve. This means, creating a perfect way to connect to the audience by transforming the data into a well-designed and crafted visual that will produce an effective story. While most of us find crunching numbers boring, almost everyone loves storytelling. Hence, Data Storytelling is an essential skill to learn that will help us understand how to utilize your collected data in the most effective and efficient way possible.
Basics of Excel for Data Handling and Analysis
Master Excel and make your work life easier. Get your data analysis and reports done in no time once you’ve learned the ins and outs of this dominant tool used in many industries and organizations today. Know more about the various functions and formulas to help you organize and analyze data for greater efficiency.
Basics of SQL
Simple yet intelligent—are the two best descriptions for this database management system that has proven to organize big chunks of data efficiently and effectively. Whether you are aiming for a promotion, applying for a new job or perhaps, someone who simply wants to make their work-life easy but keep up the efficiency, learning the basics of SQL is the best way forward. The Excel application may be doing its job but advancing your skill in learning SQL can lead you to better data queries and faster analysis. Once you’ve learned this from the Bootcamp, try applying this powerful programming language to work around various databases and see for yourself the huge improvement in your data management.
Introduction to Data Warehousing
Embarking to the world of data management demands intelligent storage and retrieval processes. Can you imagine your team rummaging to multiple storage spaces just to find critical data needed for an upcoming report? Obviously, this would be a waste of time! That is why Data Warehousing is a must if you need to create easy and effective Business Intelligence solutions.
Data Storytelling and Visualization using Tableau
Wouldn’t it be great to analyze data in one go and to quickly have a complete understanding of its results? Tableau Desktop is a powerful tool that has the capacity to show all the data you need in one visual. This powerful data visualization software offers actionable insights to achieve higher productivity.
Data Analytics Literacy
The digital transformation of our society today has pushed businesses to be data-driven in order to evolve. Neglecting the power of data is equivalent to turning down opportunities for growth. In this day and age of digitalization, data rules the world by giving you a competitive edge against your competitors! So, to make data work for your business, there is a need to understand data and analytics. Becoming data literate will open opportunities for you to discover new insights and improve strategies based on given analytics.

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