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Senior High School


Eight (8) weeks per quarter


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Launch your creative career

CIIT Philippines is one of the leading schools in Digital and Technical education in the country. We offer a Senior High School program that produces students who can adapt to the changing demands of the industry, both now and in the future. We developed an industry-standard curriculum that implements hands-on learning in multimedia, animation, and programming, and provides the knowledge and skills students can use even before moving up to college. Our Senior High School curriculum offers specialization subjects that can be credited to College, especially if the student chooses to continue their studies at CIIT.

Pursuing college in CIIT was also made easy for all our CIIT SHS graduates. They are guaranteed automatic acceptance into our College programs. This means they don’t have to go through the application process then prepare and submit any documents. Admissions exams will be required but only to assess their skill level and not to determine their acceptance to the program.

What Makes CIIT Senior High School Different?

Even with the pandemic, we should strive to ensure that our youth receive a good education. Being part of the solution is what we need more than ever amidst the global health crisis that has drastically affected our lives. As an educational institution committed to providing modern and quality education, we choose not to wait but instead to be hopeful and move forward to be part of creating a better future. The CIIT Senior High School embraces the “new normal” by offering a distinct online learning approach where you can study at your own pace and in the safety of your own home.

What are the CIIT SHS Tracks?

computer programmer at work

Take advantage of our diverse programming language lessons and become a skilled and self-sufficient creator. Specialize in developing websites and mobile applications through this track. Keep yourself updated with the ever-changing technology trends and start coding!


Bring your stories to life on screen. With this track, you’ll build a solid foundation in both 2D and 3D animation even before you enter college. Your classes will cover everything from storyboarding to character design using industry-approved software. As an aspiring digital artist and animator, it’s time to get ahead and get proficient!

Accountancy, Business and Management

Learn to navigate today’s digital economy with a modern business mindset. This track builds your basics in financial management, enterprise and marketing in the modern workplace. So get yourself technologically equipped to take on the corporate organizations of tomorrow.

Media and Visual Arts

Push the limits of your creativity! From drawing to digital photography, this track teaches you to express your art through a variety of mediums. You’ll get comfortable with the traditional tools of the trade as well as their digital counterparts. Equip yourself with the latest techniques and build a diverse portfolio.

What Makes Our Online Learning Different

Unlimited Access to Online Learning Technologies

CIIT has partnered with some of the best organizations in the world to bring quality education and technologies in the homes of each CIIT Student. All students are provided individual licenses accessible at home from all their devices. 

Manageable Study Load
Say goodbye to long periods of an online class with our 8 weeks of study time each quarter, so you can manage and focus better on your studies. One school year is divided into two (2) semesters, and each semester is broken down into two (2) quarters. A different set of core and strand-specific courses are offered per semester so students will cover more learning areas in a year’s time.
Adjusted Class Schedule
Classes are scheduled every Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM. Student engagement is our priority so each subject follows a weekly schedule that best suits the topic or course. The length of streaming lectures is shortened to ensure the attention and learning efficiency are best kept.
Coaching Sessions
We believe in the power of personalized learning and education, as well as, mental and emotional support to students so we offer coaching sessions where students can set appointments with all their Instructors for an individual or small group discussion. Instructors can give feedback and provide further enrichment or study material to students who have difficulty understanding important concepts.
Personalized Learning
Students can access and download all learning materials at their convenience since all live-streaming lectures, presentations, and materials are recorded and uploaded in Canvas (Learning Management System).
Personalized Learning
Students can access and download all learning materials at their convenience since all live-streaming lectures, presentations, and materials are recorded and uploaded in Canvas (Learning Management System).
Output-Based Grades
While we still put a special emphasis on the output of the students, all requirements have been adjusted to adapt to the challenges of the virtual setting.
CIIT In Your Homes
Students may loan our high-spec lab PC units if they are in need of a powerful workstation. This brings the CIIT experience closer to the homes of our students. Fill up this form if you are interested in loaning a PC.

Meet Your Instructors

Our Faculty are selected based on their skills in conducting and moderating online virtual classes. All of our Faculty members have experience teaching in an online setting and have undergone online workshops and certificate programs allowing them to discover creative and effective ways of teaching their respective subjects in a purely online setting.  

They are also selected for their ability to empathize and serve as personal coaches to our students to help them navigate their academic load as well as their life challenges with hope and wisdom. 

Ready to get started?

Online Learning can be overwhelming but with our personalized learning experience and coaching sessions, we can guarantee you a quality education. If you are an incoming Senior High School student who would like to pursue a creative education, we encourage you to be part of our Online Distance Learning program. You can enroll in our specialized tracks: Media and Visual Arts, Animation and Programming. If you would like to apply, simply go online or click the button below. If you need more information, please do not hesitate to email us at admission@old.ciit.edu.ph.

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