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Media and Visual Arts



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Launch your creative career

To call yourself an expert in the field of arts and design requires both technical knowledge and practical experience. At CIIT, our Media and Visual Arts strand can serve as a stepping stone on your pathway to a career in the media and creative industry.

We take a broad approach in providing you with industry-standard education. With a unique and specialized curriculum, we aim to build your skill set. From graphic design to film production to digital photography, you have the opportunity to create art in so many forms.

In this program, you can push the boundaries of your own artistry. There’s an undeniable value in diversity. Our students are encouraged to uniquely express themselves not only in their work but in the community we provide for them.

What to Look Forward To

Both general academic and specialized subjects are tailored as much as possible to be strand-specific. Lessons are instructed to give you perspective on how your specialization relates to the general academic subjects you take. The subject content taught to you is specified and very much relevant in applying theoretical information to practical activities.
CIIT follows a skills-based curriculum. All subjects follow the policy of PBAT (Performance-Based Assessment Tasks) when assigning work. Rather than theoretical tests, you are tasked to submit output that puts your lessons into practice and are assessed based on performance.
The Classroom Instruction Delivery Alignment Map (CIDAM) applies so that all subjects coordinate to streamline their activities. This aims to lessen your output requirements and allow you more room to submit quality work.
For the On-The-Job (OJT) component of your studies, you have access to a range of companies that are major players in their specialized fields. Kalibrr, Tier One Entertainment and We the Pvblic are some of our partners. Our students have also done their work immersion at companies such as Summit media and ABS-CBN’s Knowledge Channel. We aim to provide you with quality options for your work immersion so that you may be able to acquire the necessary experience while also building your resume.
As a CIIT student, you’ll be given access to the latest technological tools which will aid you in maximizing your ability to create the best quality work. A wide selection of genuine software licenses will be provided for your individual use. Licenses for creative softwares like Adobe CC are inclusive in your school fees and are available to you as long as you are a student of CIIT. All software applications offered are industry-standard; We encourage you to explore them independently and become a creator of your own innovative content. Aside from Adobe, students have access to softwares such as Toon Boom, 3DS Max, Flash, Python Java and Unity.
CIIT uses Canvas as a virtual classroom to ensure that all our students can access all their lessons at any time. To learn more about how CIIT has adapted their classes for online learning, please visit CIIT’s Modern Virtual Education (MOVE) page.

I enjoyed and learned a lot from CIIT SHS and so I trust that CIIT College of Arts and Technology will be just as great if not more.

Juliana Andrea Santiago


I know that CIIT will guide me in pursuing film, graphic design and doing arts.

Zyrus Soriano


Since I've studied in CIIT SHS for almost 2 years now and it has been a great experience where I really learned a lot about what I need to know as an artist and more things that made me grow as a person. So I would safely assume that the college program would continue to do that and maybe even more.

Maxime Reginald Velas


I believe that CIIT provides quality education for artists, and that it has a curriculum suitable for improving their craft. It is also one of the few schools which I know that is dedicated to the arts.

Leanne Claribelle Pangilinan


The tuition fee is more affordable compared to other renowned private institutions that offer MMA or Animation courses. I've also seen talented artists who graduated from this college.

Darlyn Antoinette Baybayon


I believe the CIIT has the credentials for the needs of my child.

Aileen Tan


It is a competent school and the location is convenient.

Marjerie dela Rosa


Both the learning and overall experience with CIIT SHS is satisfactory.

John Mark C. Santiago


I think it [CIIT] will give her a good future in her field.

Marie Fidel


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