Computer Programming

Computer Programming



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Launch your creative career

Gain early experience in real-world programming and become a creator in your own right!  Access a world of possibilities from developing a software that businesses depend on or working towards starting your own studio. We can all agree that technology has cemented its place in our present and future society. And learning to master it is being able to keep pace with its evolution. By building your proficiency in specializations such as website and application design, you’ll be able to effectively wield the ability to create the technology of tomorrow.

Our Computer Programming strand enables you to be able to develop a range of skills that not only help you build yourself as a creator but also prepare you to enter the industry. We strive to keep your lessons relevant and wholly applicable to whatever related profession you aspire to enter. With the constantly updating curriculum, you will learn the most current methods of software development.

What To Look Forward To

Both general academic and specialized subjects are tailored as much as possible to be strand-specific. Lessons are instructed to give you perspective on how your specialization relates to the general academic subjects you take. The subject content taught to you is specified and very much relevant in applying theoretical information to practical activities.
CIIT follows a skills-based curriculum. All subjects follow the policy of Performance-Based Assessment Tasks (PBAT) when assigning work. Rather than theoretical tests, you are tasked to submit output that puts your lessons into practice and are assessed based on performance.
The Classroom Instruction Delivery Alignment Map (CIDAM) applies so that all subjects coordinate to streamline their activities. This aims to lessen your output requirements and allow you more room to submit quality work.
For the On-The-Job (OJT) component of your studies, you have access to a range of companies that are major players in their specialized fields. Definite Studios, TechFactors, and Hooman Design are some of our partners in programming and past students have done their work immersion there. We aim to provide you with quality options for your work immersion so that you may be able to acquire the necessary experience while also building your resume.
Java and .Net are the focus of the programming language curriculum as directed by the Department of Education (DepEd). However, we also encourage you to learn and make use of other programming languages such as Python and C language.
As a CIIT student, you’ll be given access to the latest technological tools which will aid you in maximizing your ability to create the best quality work. A wide selection of genuine software licenses will be provided for your individual use. Licenses for creative softwares like Adobe CC are inclusive in your school fees and are available to you as long as you are a student of CIIT. All software applications offered are industry-standard; We encourage you to explore them independently and become a creator of your own innovative content. Aside from Adobe, students have access to softwares such as Toon Boom, 3DS Max, Flash, Python Java and Unity.
CIIT uses Canvas as a virtual classroom to ensure that all our students can access all their lessons at any time. To learn more about how CIIT has adapted their classes for online learning, please visit CIIT’s Modern Virtual Education (MOVE) page.

In my opinion, this is the best place to learn about game design and development.

Jon Jacob Allauigan


Taking my interests and hobbies into consideration, I chose CIIT College of Arts and Technology because of its curriculum.

Josef Randall Escarcha


I witnessed the system of CIIT in the senior high school branch and I actually like it, that's why I think CIIT college could be good too considering the curriculum and the equipment they have to support their students.

John Paulo Agustin


[I like] their [CIIT] game development and the small community.

Mac Andre Javellana


My eldest son graduated from CIIT (BS EMC, major in Game Development) and he has high praises for the school. And I know that my youngest son wants to follow the footsteps of his sibling.

Reina Sison-Gagno


The school is nearer to our house than the others and is one of her top picks since there aren't many schools that offer Game Development as a course.

Aileen Mercado


For better and informative learning in the course that my child has chosen.

Rizaline Garcia


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