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Simple Ways a Student Like You Can Save the Environment

With environmental problems left and right, it’s easy to get desensitized by the news. Many think that these are the government’s and big organization’s duty to fix. However, this isn’t true. This thinking is even more dangerous. And as young as you are, you can help save the environment. Through simple and practical ways, you can help Earth. Just include them in your daily routine and they can even save you money. This is definitely good news for you as a student!

Environmental Facts You Should Know

We’ve grown accustomed to our nature’s state today. Is global warming real or not? Are we really endangering our health and destroying the only planet we call home? To help you know how serious these environmental issues are, we gathered these facts for you.

  1. Pollution is one of the most dangerous global killers. It affects over 100 million people, which can be compared to diseases such as HIV and malaria. 
  2. Earth loses 30,000 species per year because of climate change and pollution.
  3. Two million tons of industrial, agricultural, and sewage waste enters Earth’s waters every day. 
  4. Coastal ecosystems bigger than New York City are destroyed every year. 
  5. Roughly around 14 billion pounds of trash (mostly plastic) is dumped in our oceans every year.
  6. Plastic doesn’t go away; it just gets smaller.

Saving the Earth Now is Important

It’s our moral obligation as humans to protect our home. Earth’s environmental issues have since worsened. However, what is being done to save the environment? Do you still use plastic bottles and straws? Or have you switched to owning your own water tumbler? Environmental damage poses extreme threats to our health, animals, and plants. So, we need to do our best we can to save it. Simply changing your daily lifestyle is already a great help!

Your actions can make a difference. Finding ways on how to save the environment at home? Simply disposing of your trash properly is already a big help on how to save the environment from pollution. As Helen Keller’s famous saying goes, “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” Now, how do we do this through the simplest ways? Heed these tips below. 

8 Simple Ways a Student Like You Can Save the Environment

Infographic of how a student can save the environment

Download Simple Ways a Student Like You Can Save the Environment infographic now!

Building Awareness for a Better World with CIIT Philippines

To stir others into action and save the environment altogether, you need to have a powerful tool to tell your story. Media is the answer. Videos, pictures, and art are your best options to communicate your cause. With these, you’ll have greater potential to reach more people. Good news: CIIT Philippines offers Media and Visual Arts course and Multimedia Arts course to further equip you into making more effective and compelling materials that’ll help you change the world for the better. Check out CIIT short courses, too!

CIIT Student Culture Toward a Greener World

It’s actually easy to go green. In fact, CIIT Philippines students strictly practice “Clean as You Go” wherever they go. True to their word as active “green Earth” enthusiasts, CIIT also held a tree planting activity recently. CIIT hopes to inspire the youth and the world to help save the Earth. We believe that by working together, we can once again enjoy a cleaner home, free from pollution, climate change, and destructive storms.

Do you have the heart to save the environment like us? Enroll at CIIT Philippines now! Contact CIIT to know more!

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